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Tuesday, 28.03.2017, 11:11
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Hello all! =)


Im listen all in poll and set server time to -3 hours.

Need to test it in 1 week, will see good this or not.

Have fun!

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It seems many do not like the update on the server, because they use bugs silently. since you can not control yourself and do not try to look for bugs, I will punish everyone.

I remove Shadow Fiend pet  - forever. Perhaps in the future I will replace it in the pyramid ...

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Access to the treasures of the Pharaohs opened!

Now you can go in search of precious gems, which lie somewhere in the tombs.

Finding Magic Treasure Card, you can find one of the gems of Pharaoh!


Remember to enter the tomb you need a permit, which is available on the qualifications of the pyramids.

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Tombs and Treasures of Egyptian pharaohs

Treasures of Ancient Egypt can be classified according to the classification of treasures to the cult. It is basically a treasure sacrificed to the gods (because the pharaohs were considered gods). To find these treasures requires knowledge. Before you embark on a quest you need to become familiar with the traditions of ... Read more »

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Hi all!

Zerk Sword Flurry skill was fixed, now you can use this.

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Hi all!

From now skills mana cost was increased x35

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Hi all!

XMAS event will last to 12.01.2017

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Hi all!


Today we start XMAX sales = 30% on any donation pack!

Expires 1.01.2017

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Hi all!

Today we start xmas event!

In Atlantis you can found xmas bear, he have gifts for you!

Respawn time is 0.00, 12.00, 14.00, 20.00.

At the top of Atlantis you can try to kill Bad Snow Bear for get gifts too!

Respawn time is 13.00, 17.00, 21.00, 01.00

Lucky jades market will be edited later!


Marry Cristmas for all!

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Hi all!

Today we fixes some bugs again, like golden attributes with +1000 pthys/mag resists, delete poor blue attributes from reforging ex90 gears.

Death Stars was added to VIP


DL HF =)

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