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Saturday, 03.12.2016, 07:33
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Hi all!

Some news today =)


1. New Pet - TIRAN (STR)

Max growth is 5300

You can get him from TDE, you need to search in treasure!

Warning! You need free pet slot, or you got msg about it!


2. NPC Miqia fixed

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Planed maitence 01.12.2016!


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Hi all!

So, I was planning to introduce a new Jewerly EX60, I wanted to scatter it all, but then thought it best to ask you.

PS: I started to lean toward the latter option.

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Hi all!


I have some fixes for you:

1. Ghost Medal Fragments from bosses was replaced by Ghost Medals.

2. If you need trade Ghost Medals you can RClick and its transforms to Mayring Herb, if you need Ghost Medals back - just RClick again!

3. NPC Miqia was fixed, now its gives Ghost Medals.


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Hi all!

I have small news.


As you know, some people like to look for and use of bugs, thousand of ECC was found in some individuals, on this ECC was removed from the game and replaced by Ghost medals.

NPCs Alec & Upth was updated too:


As well as they have been added to the medals of Lor ... Read more »

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Hi all!

Server is online now, but u need change server list IP to:

I think tomorow u can start game from launcher normaly.

And sorry for this shit.. we change provider again..))

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Server under maintance!

Plz wait.

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Hi all!

Server transfer is done!


Who does not open the site (lyancher will see the old IP) to change the server list:

node server normal Inferno 30002 904 1


1. Go to the folder with the game, look for the folder BIN

2. Looking at her game.exe file click on it with the right book. - Send to the desktop (make a shortcut)

3. From the shortcut on the slave. desktop, click the right book. - properties 4. OBJECT appended to the field after the quotes: ver 2.25.0000 example: "From: \ GAMES \ Battle of the Immortals \ Bin \ Game.exe" ver 2.25.0000 / EN IMPORTANT: The following quotes space required!

5. Click OK We try to run the game on the shotcut.

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Tommorow we planing to change hosting provider!

From 10.00 to 11.00 (server time).

Please logout characters or you can be rollback!

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Hi all!

We disable account transfer forever!

You have 2 days for back to game!


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